Gift someone you care. “No Transaction Fees” In the Checkout page,
If you are an existing customer, use the ‘Click Here to Login’ link.
Image 01
If you are a new customer, then enter all the fields about you in the Billing Section
Image 03
In the Deliver to a Different Address, (checkmark selected) Enter all the details about the person to whom this order is to be delivered as a gift. Please ensure all the details are correct.

In the Payments section, select ‘Gift someone you care (Pay with UPI QR Code)’

Enter the UPI Address and UPI handle.
Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox and click on ‘Proceed to Payment’.

Image 04

In the pop up window, Scan the QR Code with any UPI apps like BHIM, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe or any Banking UPI app to make payment for this order.

After successful payment, enter the UPI Reference ID or Transaction Number and your UPI ID in the next screen and submit the form.

We will manually verify this payment against your 12-digits UPI Reference ID or Transaction Number (e.g. 001422121258) and your UPI ID.

In the next window that pops up, enter your 12 digit transaction ID and click ‘Confirm’.

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